- Louvered Roof


Cabbana is more than a louvered roof; it enhances your quality of life.

  • All-season All-season
  • Warranty for 5+ years Warranty for 5+ years
  • Resistant to adverse weather and fire Resistant to adverse weather and fire
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Rotatable blades

The secret lies in the blade cover, which can be customized to suit your needs.
They are always adjustable to suit any weather condition.

Customize with Subsystems

With the help of a subsystem, you can diversify your project, choose the one that suits you and design it for yourself.

Custom optional details

There are many options for comfort. You can choose an option for yourself and configure a ready-made product to suit your needs.



Carbon Infrared heaters with an integrated shut-off timer. Keeps the space warm during cold weather conditions.

Perimeter Light

Perimeter Light

Sleek and modern design illuminates the perimeter boundaries of the system.

LED Light UL

LED Light UL

LED lighting with 24 Volt DC, 150mA, 3.6W, 520lm, and different color options, suitable for all roof systems.

Fan Profile

Fan Profile

Optional roof beam across the structure for mounting fans.

Polyurethan Foam

Polyurethan Foam

Fillers for additional insulation & noise reduction from raindrops falling on blades.



Be able to control everything outside your home

  • Non insulated blades
  • Polyurethane insulated blades

Modern double-blade airtight and watertight louver system with an incredible snow load-bearing capacity.

  • Snow load capacity – *60 lbs/ft² Snow load capacity – *60 lbs/ft²
  • Wind bearing capacity – 80 MPH Wind bearing capacity – 80 MPH

Color options

You can choose from the colors within the range or customize it to your taste.

Color options Choose a color that suits your space
Ral Texture Choose a color that suits your space
Wood Effect Choose a color that suits your space

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More than a product

How many motors does SCHILDR offer for louvered roof designs?

Two motors are used in a single system.

How the louvers are operated?

Louvers are operated with 1, 4, and 16 channel remote controllers with an integrated RTS technology.

What lighting options are available for the Louvered Roof?

We are offering LED lighting options which can be further customized by upgraded RGB lighting options.

Is there an independent installation option?

Yes, it can be independently mounted outside the building (Free Standing).

Does it allow water to pass through?

It has waterproof features.

What is the degree of louver opening?

Louvers can be opened up to 90 degrees.

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Allow yourself to be inspired by the projects we have completed and explore
the different models and all their possibilities.